Part 2 My first venture as Missionary blogger

June 27, 2020. Good day to all.

I feel very happy after my first posted blog yesterday. I am learning in this endeavour. #blogging101. I hope I can inspire new bloggers too by telling my trial and error process with the help of some people including Mr. Jon Orana who inspired me to do my first few steps and hopefully will learn from him more about his business in e-book.

Moving on to the next level of my blog writing career. I choose to tell anecdotes in my prayer journey #prayerjourney , along side with it is telling stories of my travels in Asia and some parts of the globe. I am also excited to tell some stories on how my prayers answered by God like how He answered your prayers in the midst of different situations.

This is to encourage everyone to pray and commune with God which is the secret of every success of man.#secretofsuccess.

In our prayer God is unfolding His wisdom how we will handle and face our problems and challenges in life.

In our prayer, the Holy Spirit is empowering us when we let Him to pray with us. He will give us utterances to speak in tongues and sometimes He will let us know what exactly we prayed to give us peace of mind and heart.

In our prayer, we can be ourselves to talk to our Father in heaven of our hopes and dreams in the life He gave us and He will tell you also His dreams for that life He gave you. By understanding the dreams of God for you, our good Father in heaven will wait patiently to yield yourself to his purpose and will and if you delighted yourself to Him, He will give you the desires of your heart.

My prayer this morning to you is for you to have a great understanding of the dreams of God into your life so that you can yield yourself to Him with all your heart and mind. Amen


Published by rodriggs

Volunteer Missionary, Mission Mobiliser, Cultural Anthropologist, Business Consultant, Blogger, Life Coach, Traveler, Prayer warrior, Foodie

4 thoughts on “Part 2 My first venture as Missionary blogger

  1. Glory to God for sharing insights and your experience in your prayer journey that everyone who read should inspires too as I do. Next time include videos of your actual mission activities so that more people will bless and encourage doing missions too , either sender or sender. God bless you Ptr Rod , one of my Christian mentor who are part of my Christian, spiritual growth and exposed my eyes to mission works.


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