Jesus Earthly Ministry

Teaching Outline: Earthly Ministry of Jesus
Prepared by: Rodriggs Cyrus
Text: Isaiah 61:1-3
To magnify the Lord Jesus Christ and bless His Holy name.
To lead people to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.


The 3 years of Earthly Ministry of Jesus was recorded in the 4 Gospels, and those accounts are pointing out that indeed Jesus is the fulfillment of the Law and Prophesies in OT. This simple outline just pick up some important highlights in His ministry that will summarize the plan of Salvation and Redemption of God through His Son – the Lord Jesus Christ.

How Jesus fulfilled His Earthly Ministry?
He healed all manner of sickness and diseases. Matthew 4:23/ Matthew 9:35
He taught in the synagogues the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. Matthew 4:23/ Matthew 9:35
He wept because He prayed for the multitudes to believe that He is the Christ. John 11:35; 42
He cast out demon spirits and brought liberty to the captives. Matthew 8:28-34/Mark 5:1-17
He brought life back from death to some people including Lazaro His friend . John 11:43-44
He provided food for multitudes. Matthew 14:13-21/Mark 6:30-44/Luke 9:10-17
He performed miracles, signs and wonders Ex. Turning water into wine John 2:1-11 and calmed the storm . Matthew 8:23-27/Mark 4: 35-41/Luke 8:22-25
He rebuked the Pharissees and Sadducees of their pride and falsehood Luke 11:37-54/Matthew 23:1-39
He accepted the out casts. Mark 6:32-44/ Matthew 14:13-21
He loved the sinners and forgave them of their sins. Mark 2:1-12/Luke 5:17-26/John 7:53- 8:11
He called the disciples and minister to the people with them. Matthew 4:18-22/Mark 1:16-20/Luke 5:1-11/John 1:35-51
He predicted His death and resurrection and provided comfort to His disciples.Matthew 16:21-28/ Luke : 13:33/ Matthew 17:22/ Mark 8:31

Revelations of His ministry :
Jesus is the Healer.
Jesus is the Great Teacher-the Messiah sent by God predicted by the Prophets in the OT.
Jesus is the only Mediator between men and God. He is the High Priest interceeds for us.
Jesus is the Deliverer and Prince of Peace.
Jesus is the Life and the Resurrection.
Jesus is the Great Provider.
Jesus is the Christ – The Son of the Living God that forgives sins.
Jesus is the truth because He is the Word of God.
Jesus is Compassionate and Merciful – He will bring hope and peace to the world
Jesus is God the Son- the One Person in the Trinity. He is God Himself.
Jesus is Lord and we should follow and serve Him.
Jesus is the Savior and the soon Coming King and He will reign with us forevermore.


Yearly the Whole Christendom religion celebrates the Holy Week to observe the death of Christ and His resurrection on Easter Sunday. Redemption was fulfilled by our Lord Jesus Christ. Sin and death were conquered subjected to the Lordship of the Son of God. Have you realize this great blessing of Salvation? We were sinners and former enemies of God and yet can be reconciled with Him through the work of Christ and now we can stand before Him as children of God to enjoy His eternal life and the fullness of His blessings. Hallelujah! Amen!


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