The Seven I am statements of Jesus

Teaching Outline : The Seven “I Am” Statements of Jesus

Prepared by : Rodriggs Cyrus

Text : The Gospel of John


To know Jesus intimately and build our trust in Him.

To know Him as the Son of God- the theme of the author of the Gospel of John wants us to comprehend.


Unlike the synoptic Gospels (Mark, Luke, Matthew) the Gospel of John highlighted the person of the Christ while the synoptic Gospels gave more accounts in the messages and Ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ aside from the fact that they have one source that is Peter the disciple of Jesus who was among the 12 disciples. This outline will present how the author uniquely introduced the person of Jesus Christ using metaphors highlighting also the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ.


I. Prologue — incarnation, Chapter 1:1-18

A. Word is God, vv. 1-3

B. Word became flesh, v. 14

C. Word revealed God, v. 18

II. Introduction, Chapter 1:19-51

A. Witness of John the Baptist, vv. 19-36

Jesus is Revealer of God (v. 36); Redeemer of man (v. 29)

B. Witness of Andrew, vv. 37-42

Jesus is the Messiah [Christ] (v. 41)

C. Witness of Philip, vv. 43-46

Jesus is fulfillment of Old Testament (v. 45)

D. Witness of Nathanael, vv. 47-51

Jesus is Son of God, King of Israel (v. 49)

III. Witness of works and words (“signs” Jhn 20:30, 31), Chapters 212

A. Jesus at marriage in Cana (1st work), Chapter 2:1-12

B. Jesus cleanses temple during Passover in Jerusalem (1st word), Chapter 2:13-22

Jesus is Resurrection (v. 22)

C. Jesus interviews Nicodemus in Jerusalem (2nd word), Chapters 2:233:36

Jesus must die for sins of world (Jhn 3:15)

D. Jesus interviews woman at well in Sychar (3rd word), Chapter 4:1-45

Jesus is giver of Water of Life

E. Jesus heals nobleman’s son in Capernaum (2nd work), Chapter 4:46-54

F. Jesus heals man at pool of Bethesda (3rd work), Chapter 5

Jesus is equal with God

G. Jesus feeds 5,000 on east of Sea of Galilee (4th work & word), Chapter 6

Jesus is Bread of Life

H. Jesus teaches at Feast of Tabernacles in temple (5th word), Chapter 7

Jesus is Water of Life; promises the Holy Spirit

I. Jesus in temple forgives woman taken in adultery (6th word), Chapter 8

Jesus is Light of World

J. Jesus opens eyes of man born blind in Jerusalem (5th work), Chapter 9

1. Record of miracle, vv. 1-7

2. Reaction to miracle, vv. 8-41

K. Jesus is Good Shepherd (7th word), Chapter 10

1. Humanity — Christ in form of servant, vv. 1-21

2. Deity — Christ equal with God, vv. 22-42

L. Jesus raises Lazarus from dead in Bethany (6th work), Chapter 11

M. Witness of Jew and Gentile to Jesus, Chapter 12

1. Jesus comes to Bethany for supper, vv. 1-11

2. Jesus comes to Jerusalem — tearful entry, vv. 12-19

3. Jesus comes to Greeks, vv. 20-26

4. Jesus comes to His hour, vv. 27-36

5. Jesus comes to end of public ministry, vv. 37-50

IV. Witness of Jesus to His witnesses, Chapters 1317

Upper Room Discourse

A. Jesus washes feet of disciples, Chapter 13

Picture of His present ministry

B. Jesus comforts His disciples, Chapter 14

Announces His second coming

C. Jesus is genuine vine; disciples are branches, Chapter 15

New relationship

D. Jesus will send Holy Spirit during His absence, Chapter 16

New ministry of Holy Spirit

E. The Lord’s prayer, Chapter 17

1. Jesus prays for Himself, vv. 1-5

2. Jesus prays for disciples, vv. 6-19

3. Jesus prays for His church, vv. 20-26

V. Witness to world, Chapters 1820

A. Arrest and trial of Jesus, Chapter 18

1. Arrest in Gethsemane; trial before Annas, vv. 1-14

2. First denial by Simon Peter, vv. 15-18

3. Trial before high priest, vv. 19-24

4. Second denial by Simon Peter, vv. 25-27

5. Trial before Pilate, vv. 28-40

B. Death of Jesus at Golgotha; burial in tomb of Joseph, Chapter 19

C. Resurrection of Jesus; appearances to Mary, disciples, Thomas, Chapter 20

VI. Epilogue — glorification, Chapter 21

The resurrected Jesus is still God

Lord of our wills — directs our service (v. 6)
Lord of our hearts — motive for service (vv. 15-17)
Lord of our minds — lack of knowledge no excuse from service (v. 22)

Another division of the Gospel of John:

John   112     LIGHT

John 1317     LOVE

John 1821     LIFE  

The Seven“I am” Statements of Jesus

I am the Bread of Life. John 6:35-51

After eating ordinary breads we will be hungry again, Jesus said that He is the Bread of Life who was sent from heaven to give life and be satisfied from hunger and thirst, and in Him we shall have a Blessed life.

I am the Light of the World. John 8:12 / 9:5

Jesus said that He is the Light and those who walk in the Light will not walk in darkness. Without a Light no living creatures will live. God made the sun that gives life to all creation. Jesus as Co-Creator of God which from the beginning was there (Genesis 1:26) He is Light that gives you life.

I am the Gate. John 10:7

Before we enter into a palace we need to enter the gate. Jesus is our gateway to heaven and while here on earth we can experience what is in heaven through Him-the goodness and provision of our Father in heaven.

I am the Good Shepherd. John 10:11-1

What a wonderful statement of His good intention. God is good that is the Nature of God. Jesus implied here that He himself has no plan of evil to us as God sent him to experience the goodness of His Father in heaven. The lovingkindness of God is in Jesus.

I am the Resurrection and the Life . John 11:25

How awesome is the Christ who will die to save the world and live again after His resurrection from the grave. The same way to those who will believe in Him, they will have eternal life.

I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. John 14:6

Life is a journey, If you do not know where to go the right way we are heading to destruction. Jesus said He is the way, He will give us a wonderful journey called “a Blessed life”.We shall know the truth in Him and we will be set free from captivating lies of the devil. A fulfilled life here on earth we shall live because He will lead and guide us every step of the way.

I am the True Vine. John 15:1-5

Jesus said from this statement that apart from Him we can do nothing. If we are not connected to the true vine we shall not sustain life support. If we abide in Him we shall bear much fruits because we are branches connected to the true vine. As the husbandman or gardener taking care of the vine, God is take care of us because His love towards us is the connecting factor why we bear much fruits.


Jesus is God in human form- the Messiah sent by God the Father to fulfill the plan of Salvation and Redemption no human mind can comprehend unless He is called by God to be saved. (Colossians 1:12-23)

Jesus is knocking at the door of your heart that if you will open He will come to dine and have fellowship with you. (Revelation 3:20) The Seven statements of Jesus are invitations to enter into the Kingdom of God and at the same time promises of Love to those who will enter into His covenant of Love. (John 3:16) Taste and see and be partakers of His wonderful blessings!


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