How to deal with your depression during uncertainty ?

Most of the people today are suffering depression. Some are openly admitting that they are into it and asking help from a friend to cope with their depressing situation. Some are dealing their depression silently by themselves but affecting their physical and mental health.

When you’re suffering from depression, life can seem overwhelmingly bleak and hopeless. It can interfere with your ability to think straight, drain your energy, and make it difficult to get through the day. Even as some countries and regions begin to ease stay-at-home restrictions, it seems unlikely that life will fully return to normal any time soon. But no matter what constraints you’re living under at the moment, these strategies can help you counteract loneliness, ease negative thoughts, improve your mood, and cope with symptoms of depression.

Here are simple tips to cope with your depression during this time of pandemic.

Change your thought pattern. Be optimistic.

When you watch the news so many negative thoughts will absorb into your mind. Some news broadcasting really dwell in the negative information to catch attention from the viewing public. Some are really informative and at least leave some positive impression, so you should not let the news affect your way of thinking. Remain positive and hopeful in the midst of uncertainty.

Do not isolate, engage with others

Meeting friends and family in person is still difficult for many of us at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to feeling isolated and alone. While nothing beats the mood-boosting power of face-to-face contact, chatting over a video link, on the phone, or via text can still help you feel more connected. Reach out to close friends and family, take this opportunity to look up old friends, or schedule online get-togethers with groups of people. Even if your depression symptoms make you want to retreat into your shell, it’s vital you regularly stay in contact with people.

Live a healthy life Style

No vaccine yet, so your defense against Covid 19 is to improve your immune system by eating the right food and living a healthy life Style. Your daily habits can play a big role in helping you to overcome depression. During this health crisis, it’s tempting to slip into bad habits, especially if you’re stuck at home and not able to work. You may sleep irregular hours, overeat to relieve the stress and boredom, or drink too much to fill the lonely evenings. But by adopting a healthier daily routine, you can bolster your mood, feel more energized, and relieve symptoms of depression.

Reinvent yourself, occupy the time to build yourself with new learning skills.

No one will build you but yourself. An idle time is unproductive, use this time to plan dream goals to motivate yourself again to learn new things to make you happy. Engage into simple online learning like cooking, baking, gardening, blogging, how to start a small business and a lot more to occupy your time and be more productive everyday.

Involve God in your life.

Establish a deep relationship with God. Let Him be involved in your life everyday.

Prayer is the best weapon to fight the unseen plague. His loving arms will protect you from the harm of the evils. If God is with you, who can be against you. Know His Word , meditate upon the goodness of the Lord. Read your Bible and boost your faith in Him and not your fear.

God bless you!

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Volunteer Missionary, Mission Mobiliser, Cultural Anthropologist, Business Consultant, Blogger, Life Coach, Traveler, Prayer warrior, Foodie

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