The Ancient Filipino values that we should pass on to the next generation.

The Philippines our native land is rich in its natural resources and like a paradise archipelago with so many living creatures sharing home with others. We have beautiful and unique biodiversity according to some researches in Biology. Same with the people in this land, God gifted us with good values as our strength as people group or race.

The younger generation should look back to the ancient history of our nation to know their roots and true identity as Filipinos and cultivate in their hearts the good values of our forefathers.

I would like to identify some of these good values and at the same time reflective if I still have some of these values instilled in my heart the way my parents taught me.

The love to God.

Our loving parents instilled in us to love God above all. My father taught us no matter how hard this life may bring to us we should not forget God. We should always pray and ask for His guidance.

During the colonial period, the Spanish colonizers have seen this trait among the ancient Filipinos and used this trait as an opportunity to introduce colonial Christianity in the land. The rest is history and now Christianity is prevalent faith in the land. During the American period, Biblical Christianity (emphasizing the teaching of the Biblical principles of God and His commantments written in the Bible as basis of our faith in God) came to us. Nowadays, we see that true Christianity is not mere religion but right relationship to God and to your fellowmen. We should teach the next generation to love God above all to ensure a better future for them.

The love to our family and friends.

Filipinos are relational people and the family is the center of the relationship. Filipinos loved to dream big and in their dreams they included the family to live happily with them on top of their dreams. Family is their motivation to reach their dream to become rich or successful in their endevours. Family is where they belong and friends are considered family members. This is the reason why Filipinos are considered one of the most friendly people on earth as compared to other races because we love to laugh and enjoy time with our family and friends.

The resilience in every trial of life.

The Love to God and family I think are the contributing factors why Filipinos are resilient. Almost everything we do we related and dedicated to God, family and friends. We can endure hardship for the sake of God and family and even for true friends just to ensure that our relationship is good to all. We maintain good relationship and we help each other even in the midst of trials.

The love for music and celebration.

The Filipino culture is a festive culture. God gifted us to singing and dancing, we celebrated every good thing God gave us. We are grateful to thank the Lord when there is another life being born to our family, when there are good harvests in our agricultural soils and when the Lord spared us from the cycle of calamities. This is evident in our town fiestas and others festive celebration like birthday, child dedication, house and properties blessings, inaguration of new business blessings and many others. We love to sing in all seasons of life, we have songs to sing when we are happy, and even in deep sadness we can still sing with hope in our heart.

The hospitality and generosity to make everyone comfortable.

This question “ kumusta ka?” is a greeting to us which means we are concerned to know the condition of the receiver of our greeting, then after knowing that the receiver is not in good condition we are eager to offer help and extending hands to comfort them. We understand the feeling of the person in need and so therefore if we can provide in our own little way we extend our helping hands. This is the true hospitality and generosity of the Filipinos and not to display arrogance and extravagant giving.

The Filipinos are flexible and adaptable.

Philippines is an archipelago and with diverse cultures from diffferent regions. We speak different languages and dialects. Since we have exposures to these diversities we can be flexible and adaptable. If given the opportunity to work in other country, we can blend with others races and can learn other cultures in order to live and survive in a new land. No wonder why the Filipino migrant workers are increasing in numbers and still connected with our root family in the Philippines. Some can even embraced the new cultures easily without having cultural shocks.

A cultural anthropologist said that values are caught and not taught. We display our values everyday in so many ways others can observe. Our family, friends and community are able to observe our values in spending our money, time and energy. Our actions speak louder than our words so if we are practicing our values, we can easily teach the next generation of our values.

Our belief system is not necessarily our whole values only those that are really translated into action are the real values that we have, so its true to say that “better walk what we talk” because merely talking is void and powerless to impart good values to our children.

Let me encourage you my countrymen, we have a good identity from the past as dignified Filipinos because of our good character and values. We should not forget our identity as good race who love and fear God. Let us continue to live this identity and pass it on to your children.

Aside from the good education that you want to give to your children, give them the good values to make them better persons.

I want to encourage also the Christian communities around the world that our Christian values are equally important with our family values , we should pass it on to the next generation for this is our duty as children of God.

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Volunteer Missionary, Mission Mobiliser, Cultural Anthropologist, Business Consultant, Blogger, Life Coach, Traveler, Prayer warrior, Foodie

4 thoughts on “The Ancient Filipino values that we should pass on to the next generation.

  1. Very Nice Blog . Ofcourse we trasured all our memories and what ever we are doing God is alwys in our side…Just call his name… Congrsts Bro. Rod..


  2. Very Nice Blog . Ofcourse we trasured all our memories and what ever we are doing God is alwys in our side…Just call his name… Congrsts Bro. Rod..


  3. Very Nice Blog . Ofcourse we trasured all our memories and what ever we are doing God is alwys in our side…Just call his name… Congrsts Bro. Rod..


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