Work-Boosting Tips


Being productive in your work means achieving significant performance results. Companies will always look for employees with high productivity and compensate them corresponding to their outputs.

A. Certain key factors affect work performance. These are:

1) Health issues – Slow at work? Maybe you need to check-up with your doctor if this is health-related. Maybe the lack of exercise and eating the proper food could also be causes.

2) Low self-esteem – How do you view yourself? Self-esteem or self-worth encompasses our belief in ourselves and our frame of mind in dealing with our emotions such as despair, pride and shame (Wikipedia).

Maybe a personal makeover is needed. A talk with a close friend can help you sort out this issue. Praying to God and meditating on His Word, the Bible, can help in understanding personal weaknesses and how to overcome with God’s grace.

3) Family issues – Relationships within your family can affect your productivity in the work place. Don’t bring you work inside your homes and vice versa. If you have family conflicts, deal with them immediately.

4) Working environment – Is your working environment cluttered or toxic? Tell your boss about it so he can do something about the situation.

5) Work relationships – While we strive to cooperate and maintain harmony with our co-workers, it is better for your superiors to know how you feel about “problematic” fellow employees. This added stress can also hinder productivity.

B. Plan your work

A good plan properly executed will help you set the right priorities, especially when you have deadlines to meet.

1) Make a work plan

2) Execute your work plan

3) Establish goals and objectives

4) Muster the proper resources

5) Know limitations

a) Learn to delegate

6) Assessing the risks and being accountable

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. We avoid potential dangers if we assess the risks and count the costs in any project.

Finally, realize the saying that time is gold. It is a precious commodity from God and should not be wasted. Time invested wisely will result in good returns to anyone who has learned its value in any undertaking.

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