What makes a lasting Friendship ?

These 10 truths about friendship will give you the answer.

God is a generous bestfriend, seek Him, taste and see for yourself.

Friends are blessings from the Lord, they are like angels sent by God to minister to you when you are down and drowning in sorrow.

Friends just come and go for a purpose , in good and bad times there are lessons to teach us.

True Friends are like precious jewels you have to keep them or lost your treasures.

Love and forgiveness are like fuel in friendship, keep it burning and your life will be brighter.

Some friends have price tag but don’t buy them. Love your friends instead and you will receive a priceless love.

True friends are hard to find, your kindness will lead you to them.

Make friends within the family, because a jealous sibling is a worse enemy.

Aim for few true friends and not many friends but lacking depth, because time is needed to nurture a true friendship. Choose those few who deserved your precious time.

Find that “true friend” in yourself and when you find “him” in you, others will find it too.

Proverbs 17:17 

A friend loves at all times,

and a brother is born for a time of adversity.

Published by rodriggs

Volunteer Missionary, Mission Mobiliser, Cultural Anthropologist, Business Consultant, Blogger, Life Coach, Traveler, Prayer warrior, Foodie

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