Part 1 My unforgettable travels to Asian Regions : Singapore and Malaysia

My traveling to some countries in Asia was either connected with my studies, my job, my mission projects and just for fun and enjoyment with family and friends.

Is it really enjoyable to travel?

Of course my answer is a humongous yes. There is something peculiar in traveling, most especially when it’s your first time in a strange country with a different culture outside your cultural norms. You will feed your curiosity by trying to taste the foods that you never eat yet.

I was privileged to study in Singapore for scholarship programs several times and I really enjoyed those priceless memories so every time I miss this place I go back to that country and make new memories again.

These were years I explored Singapore and became a second home to me. Southeast Asia became my favorite destination because if you are in Singapore you have access to visit also the neighboring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and the rest.

1988 – my first International travel with my sister, we attended a medical

equipment fair in World Trade Center in Singapore.

1989 Tung Ling Bible School – short basic Bible course.

1999 ACTI internship program in Cross Cultural Missions

2000 Haggai Institute, Advanced Leadership Course

2018 Reconnecting to Lighthouse Evangelism Church and engaged in a prayer journey

2019 Reconnecting to Bethesda Pasir Ris Mission church, the Filipino community there is headed by Pastor Cris de Guzman we became friend and a family during my stay in ACTI doing my internship program. Engaged in a prayer Journey and holiday rest.

I visited also some of these countries in Asia with definite purposes and directions from God as a volunteer missionary and now I can call myself a mission mobilizer and mentor in mission works to train younger missionaries to be more effective in church planting and evangelistic mission works .

1989 – Kuching , Malaysia – I joined the evangelistic crusade with Lighthouse Evangelism Church, my adopted church in Singapore . I led the morning prayer meeting and in the evening we minister healing in the evangelistic crusade headed by Pastor Ronny Tan a known evangelist in Singapore.

1999- Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru -Mission Exposures in the Muslim context. We distributed food to the street people and led a evangelistic meeting for the urban poor communities with our partner church under OMF.

2000 – Johor Bahru, This is a city near the boundary to Singapore. By land you can travel for 30 minutes by bus as a means of transportation.

2018 – Johor Bahru engaged in Prayer Journey

2019 – Johor Bahru engaged in Prayer Journey

Double is your enjoyment when you travel with friends. Its full of laughters even in the long walking with so many stuff and excess baggages, it doesn’t really matter as long as you stay together and you want to seize every place taking photos capturing the beauty of the spot and to look back later when you go back to your home land.

Next time I will tell my anecdotes in Indonesia and Thailand.

God is so Good to me. I Praise Him !

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