What are the lessons we can learn from this ongoing pandemic challenges

Love God above all and live for Him. We became aware that God is Sovereign and He can use this situation to get our attention, that He is the Giver of life we are enjoying and now that we have a challenge to protect this life, we realized that God is our Creator and Protector that this life that we have is passion for His purpose and we should find that purpose in Him, for in Him we lived and moved and have our being. Seek God and your emptiness will be satisfied.

Love your family and friends while you have time to love them. I have lost friends and relatives because they were infected and died of covid 19. I realized that time is so short and death is inevitable. Every moment should be spent wisely to share love and be a blessing, first to your family and friends, then to other people that you meet randomly. We are loved and blessed by God to be a blessing to others.

Love yourself the way God loves you. If you will love yourself the way God loves you. You will see your beautiful purpose and you will live your life beautifully for that purpose. You will see your strengths above and beyond your weaknesses. Your happiness will be no longer based in the temporal things but with God. You will please Him and worship Him in all your ways. Humility will replace you vanity.

Love not the world and the things in this world for this will cause you to sin. I have realized that most of us created more idols that caused us to give more excuses to spend time with God. We committed the sin of idolatry and put God at the bottom of our priority list.

Let us return to the Lord and remove our “idols”. Our excessive love to someone or something more than the love we give to God will make our God Jealous and sins will separate us from His love. Obsessive love for money and material things will corrupt your mind and heart and eventually you will be inviting the wrath of God to fall on you.

The basic reason for our living is to walk with God and to obey Him.

Micah 6:8 He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the LORD require of you But to do justice, to love kindness, And to walk humbly with your God?

The Lord requires three things :

To do justice – do what is good and righteous before God and men. Do not allow corruption to eat you to promote evil doings because in the long run the wrath of God will chase you.

To love kindness – kindness is showing grace and mercy, the other word for kindness is generosity. Do not allow selfish desires but be filled with the love of God to share it.

To walk humbly with your God– this means complete surrender and submission to God to do His will. Do not allow rebellious spirit in your heart because the end of it is destruction.

Oh Abba Father, Lord of heaven and earth we ask for your forgiveness from the many idols we have created that blinded us to see your great love towards us. Teach and lead us to know you more each day and to walk with you with humility and obedience to your Word of truth. May your Holy Spirit protect us from the harm of the devil and his legions. May your divine provisions satisfy our thirsty and hungry body, soul and spirit longing for your love and tender care. We ask all these things in the mighty name of Jesus our Lord and Savior. Amen.

Published by rodriggs

Volunteer Missionary, Mission Mobiliser, Cultural Anthropologist, Business Consultant, Blogger, Life Coach, Traveler, Prayer warrior, Foodie

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