How to encourage yourself as an intercessor/prayer warrior when no one is around to encorage you

Prayer of worship is the best way to encourage yourself because God is the only Person standing with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Worship God instead of complaining, a thankful heart will release the worship in you that will be pleasing like sweet aroma of worship unto God who created you.

Remind yourself of the many promises of God from the Scripture. Claim each of them by faith. Speak unto Him every promise He has made for His people, for it will not return to Him void. The Lord is watching over His Word to fulfill it.

Have a good rest in the Presence of God. Waiting upon the Lord by looking at His majestic creations because all His creations speak the glory of God. The earth was created by God as your home. Build and take care of your home so that you will always see the glory of God.

Do a prayer journey or conduct a prayer walk. Go to the streets and to the places where the people go and as you see the people and the surroundings be sensitive to what the Lord is telling you to pray. You will receive strength to pray for what kind of burden the Lord sees among the people. Bless the people with your prayer and after your prayer you will receive enormous peace from God in your heart.

Prayer warriors and intercessors are frontliners in the spiritual battles wherein the release of the dunamis power of God must be demonstrated. The prayer ministry is the back bone of the Church, a weak church is a result of a weak prayer ministry within the church. Encourage the believer to be a prayer warrior, this is a ministry for every believer and not only for some leaders in the church. It is the ministry that showcases the grace and mercy of God and the miraculous intervention of God can be witnessed. The ground for empowering the disciples of Jesus to continue the Gospel preaching and the ministry of healing to the sick and deliverance to the captives.

Arise church raise up the army of God, raise up the banner of Jesus in our prayer ministry.

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