Jesus Earthly Ministry

Teaching Outline: Earthly Ministry of JesusPrepared by: Rodriggs CyrusText: Isaiah 61:1-3Objectives:To magnify the Lord Jesus Christ and bless His Holy name.To lead people to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Introduction: The 3 years of Earthly Ministry of Jesus was recorded in the 4 Gospels, and those accounts are pointing out that indeed Jesus isContinue reading “Jesus Earthly Ministry”

Part 2 My first venture as Missionary blogger

June 27, 2020. Good day to all. I feel very happy after my first posted blog yesterday. I am learning in this endeavour. #blogging101. I hope I can inspire new bloggers too by telling my trial and error process with the help of some people including Mr. Jon Orana who inspired me to do myContinue reading “Part 2 My first venture as Missionary blogger”

My first venture as missionary blogger

It’s June 26, 2020. A delightful Friday to all. I flex today my first attempt to make a blog of my own to bring inspiration to my family, friends and colleagues and to anyone who would like to visit my blog. I would like to leave you golden ideas every time I have the opportunityContinue reading “My first venture as missionary blogger”